Mateja Weber, Cosmetic Scientist, Freelance Consultant

“My Flux experience was totally customised to me and realising my vision – to build my own brand. They’re great listeners and immediately understood how to help me progress to the next step – not by giving me the answer, but by guiding me to find my own way.”


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Catherine Farrant, Solopreneur, Ossa Organic

“I didn’t appreciate the power of coaching until I experienced Flux. The way in which they work gave me access to someone who guided without directing me, inspired without showing me, and most importantly helped me process massive career change.”


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Mark Somen, CEO, The Conduit

“My Flux coach was very insightful, they picked up on things I hadn’t seen that were holding me back. Their style was compassionate, but impactful – they seemed unafraid of holding me accountable. Most importantly, they helped me access my curiosity – which I didn’t realise was there. I would highly recommend Flux!”


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As featured in Forbes

“As an entrepreneur, there can be very little let up, you’re always on alert. From a neurobiological perspective, the accumulation of stress on the body leads to allostatic load–or chronic stress–which must be monitored and actively reduced with calming activities to restore the body to homeostasis.”


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As featured in Stylist

“In the workplace curiosity is best when directed, as it focuses our attention and behaviour toward activities that facilitate learning, competence, and self-determination, providing a sense of meaning and wellbeing. This is key to sustainable performance, growth and innovation.”


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