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Episode 4 – (28 min)

How to lead by listening

Lucy, together with James Tattersfield – curious entrepreneur and research adviser to Flux® – discuss the human-led economy’s call for a new style of leadership – one that’s fundamentally curious about the citizens of the organisation. One that listens first and acts second.

Listen to learn about…

  • Why start-ups have it easier, and how to access users at scale (3.05)
  • Small, meaningful moments matter (6.12)
  • A culture of empathy (7.19)
  • Macro shifts and the leadership challenge (9.01)
  • The most curious organisations and sectors (11.10)
  • How to achieve authentic representation (12.45)
  • Where to start when it comes to investing in research (20.25)
  • The importance of a hypothesis (21.55)
  • Employees as stakeholders (25.53)

Employees are just another type of stakeholder interacting with your organisation. They have needs, they have wants, they have aspirations, and the better you can meet them, the more they will be primed to support you in achieving your mission.