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Episode 5 – (35 min)

The power of kindness

Broadcaster, Instagram sensation and celebrant, Sarah Powell, offers a relatable approach to wellness at work in this episode. With playful candour Sarah shares how she continues to overcome imposter syndrome and her self-sabotaging inner critic with restorative self-care, and kindness – and how you can do it too.

Listen to learn about…

  • Kindness and how it can resolve disconnection at work (5.17)
  • Self-care when you have no time (6.00)
  • The inner saboteur (7.20)
  • Empowered curiosity (13.35)
  • Imposter syndrome as universal and normal (15.12)
  • How to move from a stressed to a calm state (16.27)
  • The power of doubt (19.44)
  • Shared failures as gifted wisdom (27.27)

We can’t always choose whether we do difficult or challenging things, but we can choose how kind we are around it.