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Episode 6 – (36 min)

Achieving sustainable behaviour change

In this episode, behaviour change expert Jo Hale, joined from the Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL. Jo highlights, and provides the know-how to foster behaviour change through creating a sense of capability, opportunity and motivation – while Lucy offers how Flux is putting this to work with case studied examples.

Listen to learn about…

  • An introduction to behaviour change (2.50)
  • The COM-B model. Capability, opportunity and motivation (3.44)
  • Fostering behaviour change and where to start (5.43)
  • A case study: Traditional hierarchies to collective, agile leadership (7.12)
  • How reactive managers can become coaches (9.21)
  • How to create a sense of opportunity to retain talent (15.52)
  • Where to find the COM-B model and how to use it (19.39)
  • A case study: Presenteeism to effective, dynamic remote working (26.38)
  • How Flux is applying this behaviour change approach (29.15)

Behaviour change is not dependent on capability alone, it interacts with opportunities and motivation equally.