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#Fluxfutures podcast

Episode 6 – (36 mins)

Achieving sustainable behaviour change


In this episode, behaviour change expert Jo Hale, joined from the Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL. Jo highlights, and provides the know-how to foster behaviour change through creating a sense of capability, opportunity and motivation – while Lucy offers how Flux is putting this to work with case studied examples.


Listen to learn about…

  • An introduction to behaviour change (2.50)
  • The COM-B model. Capability, opportunity and motivation (3.44)
  • Fostering behaviour change and where to start (5.43)
  • A case study: Traditional hierarchies to collective, agile leadership (7.12)
  • How reactive managers can become coaches (9.21)
  • How to create a sense of opportunity to retain talent (15.52)
  • Where to find the COM-B model and how to use it (19.39)
  • A case study: Presenteeism to effective, dynamic remote working (26.38)
  • How Flux is applying this behaviour change approach (29.15)

Behaviour change is not dependent on capability alone, it interacts with opportunities and motivation equally.

Episode 5 – (35 mins)

The power of kindness


Broadcaster, Instagram sensation and celebrant, Sarah Powell, offers a relatable approach to wellness at work in this episode. With playful candour Sarah shares how she continues to overcome imposter syndrome and her self-sabotaging inner critic with restorative self-care, and kindness – and how you can do it too.


Listen to learn about…

  • Kindness and how it can resolve disconnection at work (5.17)
  • Self-care when you have no time (6.00)
  • The inner saboteur (7.20)
  • Empowered curiosity (13.35)
  • Imposter syndrome as universal and normal (15.12)
  • How to move from a stressed to a calm state (16.27)
  • The power of doubt (19.44)
  • Shared failures as gifted wisdom (27.27)

We can’t always choose whether we do difficult or challenging things, but we can choose how kind we are around it.

Episode 4 – (28 mins)

How to lead by listening


Lucy, together with James Tattersfield – curious entrepreneur and research adviser to Flux® – discuss the human-led economy’s call for a new style of leadership – one that’s fundamentally curious about the citizens of the organisation. One that listens first and acts second.


Listen to learn about…

  • Why start-ups have it easier, and how to access users at scale (3.05)
  • Small, meaningful moments matter (6.12)
  • A culture of empathy (7.19)
  • Macro shifts and the leadership challenge (9.01)
  • The most curious organisations and sectors (11.10)
  • How to achieve authentic representation (12.45)
  • Where to start when it comes to investing in research (20.25)
  • The importance of a hypothesis (21.55)
  • Employees as stakeholders (25.53)

Employees are just another type of stakeholder interacting with your organisation. They have needs, they have wants, they have aspirations, and the better you can meet them, the more they will be primed to support you in achieving your mission.

Podcast Episode 3 (45 min) - Cognitive potential and how to optimise it by Flux - Leadership Coaching

Episode 3 – (45 mins)

Why cognitive wellness matters


Lucy joins Araceli Camargo, co-founder of Centric Lab and lead neuroscience advisor to Flux® this week to unpack cognitive wellness – what it means and how to cultivate it.


Listen to learn about…

  • A well human as a productive one (1.50)
  • The changing face of productivity measurement (2.01)
  • The role of technology and cognitive wellness (4.12)
  • The phenomena of being ‘on’ (4.49)
  • Overloading contributing factors (9.23)
  • Cognitively fluent work environments (12.31)

I get very excited because I think maybe now we’ll have the time to philosophize and create newer and better functioning systems.

Podcast Episode 2 (33 min) - Building and leading a thriving culture by Flux - Leadership Coaching

Episode 2 – (33 mins)

Creativity and why it’s critical to business


This week Lucy is joined by Peter Childs, academic and independent creativity facilitator, trainer, and advisor to Flux®. Together they discuss how leaders must embrace creativity to maximise talent potential and mitigate risk of disruption.


Listen to learn about…

  • The role of creativity in business
  • Innovation embodiment
  • Little c and big c creativity
  • Capturing ideas and resourcing pilots
  • The 4 C’s of effective workplace design
  • Prototyping with disruptive technologies

By being cognizant of deliberate design it is possible to have a positive and benign impact on the world.

Podcast Episode 1 (45 min) - Building and leading a thriving culture by Flux - Leadership Coaching

Episode 1 – (45 min)

What it means to lead a thriving culture


Flux® strategic partner and co-founder of Blisswork Hristiana Georgieva shares what it means to build a thriving culture, and the bad habits we need to break.


Listen to learn about…

  • Empathic empowerment and team performance
  • Workplace culture as a battery and how to monitor it
  • Charismatic connectors and stakeholder advocacy
  • Futureproofing leadership attributes
  • Work/life integration
  • Relatable leadership & trust building

Change is a consistent movement so get comfortable, and keep reinforcing your commitment to evolution, both human and technological.

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Leaders: Are you ready for the human-led economy?

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Cognitive wellness questionnaire

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